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Where Can I Bet on Sports

Where Can I Bet on Sports: A Guide

The question should actually be where can I NOT bet on sports. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of online gambling sites catering for every sport imaginable as well as casino games and lotteries. The question is rather “Where can I bet on sports and get the best value?”

Okay! Where Can I Bet on Sports and Get Good Value?

Most online sportsbooks will say that they offer the best odds on any and all sporting events. This, patently, cannot be true but some are definitely better than others. There is little point in saying that Site A offers better odds than Site B as this could be true for horse racing but not for football. Sites tend to specialise in certain sports and offer (generally) the best odds in those areas but there is no hard and fast rule. Checking the odds available with an odds comparison site will give you a good idea of which sportsbooks offer the best odds on a consistent basis but it can only ever a pointer in the right direction.

Are ALL Sports Covered on ALL Sportsbooks?

Almost but not quite! The long established and biggest sites like Coral or Ladbrokes have a vast range on offer but even they might be lacking some of the lesser-known sports. Newcomers, or relative newcomers, might only have a limited number of sports covered although this will grow over time. In short, you should check out the site to see if your preferred sports are covered and to what extent.

Where Can I Find Less Popular or Less Well-Known Sports To Bet On?

Hmm. Good question and difficult to answer! You will have to check the different sites to see what is and isn’t available. If the bigger companies don’t cater to your particular preference then the only solution would be to search the internet for something like “camel racing odds” etc etc. Good Luck!


Unless you are looking for some really obscure sport there are countless numbers of gambling websites where you can place a bet. However, it may be best to stick with the tried and tested bigger companies to begin with as these have operating for years and have the widest range of sports and sporting events covered.