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What Are Enhanced Odds And The Best Way To Use Them

Best Ways to Use Enhanced Offers

Greetings fellow tipsters! If you’ve ever placed a bet on any sports event online, you must we familiar with the enhanced offers term. Most of the bookies use it on a regular basis for the purpose of attracting new customers and these are certainly well worth taking advantage of. In this particular piece, we will try and help you understand this promo completely and let you know on the most efficient ways to actually make money with minimum investments using it.

What Does Enhanced Offer Promo Mean?

So, enhanced odds are actually a tool bookmakers use to either attract new bettors (mainly) or keep the regular ones. How do they do it? Practically, bookmakers will give you sick-values odds on specific events (mainly from the most popular leagues and competitions).

For example, Manchester United are to play Wrest Bromwich Albion in front of the home crowd in an important Premier League fixture. You won’t get odds higher than 1/4 (1.25) in regular market, but you can use enhanced offer to have the 5/1 (6.00) odds for the home win scenario.

There are obviously certain terms and conditions you need to be aware of and we’ll try and help you learn more about them below in the article. We will now move on to see how the current top three enhanced offers look across online bookies.

An Example of Enhanced Offer


Arsenal to beat West Ham on the road is regularly paid at the odds of 4/7 (1.53), but you are offered 25/1 shot at the Gunners to clinch the victory. Crazy? It indeed is, but you need to be aware that it is a one-time feast available only for new customers. Additionally, you won’t get to place stake higher than £1 for a big majority of promos it is the maximum you can get.

In case of Arsenal’s win, your account will be credited with £25 in free bets and your initial £1 stake will be refunded as cash.

Taking advantage of it is pretty easy as you need no more than £1 to start a decent bankroll. You can basically do whatever you want with the £25 you’ll get in free bets, but our main suggestion would be to place the entire amount on a single acca (three or four fold) and chase £100 which should later be more than enough for starting an adventure and go for doubles or singles.

Offers For Different Sports

It’s obviously not only football in the focus when it comes to the enhanced offers specials. For example, there are many other interesting price boost for different sports. Some of bookies give away the sky-high 33/1 odds for Michael van Gerwen to win PDC World Championship in darts for example. Just to remind you, the regular price is 13/20 (1.65) with most bookies.

Much like the case is with our first example and most of other enhanced offer promos, your max stake would be £1, but it would still aloe you to take a nice advantage of it using the same principle we described above.

Very often you willl also find 20/1 odds on a corner to be taken in 90 minutes of a football match which basically equals money as it happens in literally ever single game.

To sum it all up, enhanced offers are really ideal for beginners, but are well worth taking advantage of if you are an experienced punter but for some reason you don’t have an account with the listed bookmakers.