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Tennis Betting: The Most Popular Bets

How To Bet On Tennis?

betting on tennisTennis is among the top five sports in the UK and its popularity is growing rapidly which is why it has naturally increased its influence in the world of betting as well. We will try and help you understand the most common markets in tennis betting in this article.

Match Winner

Whilst you may not find as many markets as in football, tennis does offer a decent variety of potential betting options you can use in accordance to preferences.

The most appealing of all is obviously Match Winner Betting where you simply get to choose between two players backing one of them as the winner. In case of an injury, or any of players retiring from the event for whichever reason, most of the bookies will call it a vpoid bet and return your stakes. There are some who, however, count the victory for the player who advanced through into the next round and the best way to be 100% safe when it comes to rules in this instance would be to check the bookies’ terms and conditions.

Now, there are tennis events with clear favourites and underdogs and you won’t get much of a profit backing the favourite to win (i.e. Federer can be priced as low as 1/100 to win the match against players below 100th position in the ATP rankings). In this case you can get the value through other markets such as one of the following:

Game/Set Handicap Betting

So, assuming that Federer is 1/10 favourite, and the match is best of five sets (Grand Slams), you can get the chance to have the Swiss player at 17/20 to beat the exactly determined game/see line handicap. In this type of market, you observe the number of games/sets won by each player (i.e. if the handicap line is -7.5 games, Federer’s number of games won must beat his opponents’ by a margin of eight or higher to make your handicap pick winning). When it comes to sets, you can back Federer to beat his rival by a margin of three sets (3-0 correct score) if the handicap line is -2.5 sets at higher odds than those you’d get on the basic win for Roger.

tennis bettingOver/Under Betting

The principle is pretty much the same as with handicap bets. In the example given above, the bookies would offer you the line in the range of 25.5 games and you get to choose whether the match will consist more or less games than given by the line.

Set Winner or Correct Score Betting

If you don’t want to wait for the entire match to be finished, you can bet exclusively on the first set winner which is market that normally offers similar odds to the ones given for the match winner betting.

Additionally, if you would like to place a bet on the correct score, you can back any result you want (i.e. you can have Roger Federer to win 3-2), and the odds will usually grow with this type of market.

Outright Winner

Apart from betting on particular matches, you can back any player to win a particular event. This can be an interesting market if you fancy long-term bets (i.e. you can back Roger Federer to win Wimbledon).

These are the most important markets you can use when it comes to betting. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is certainly a wide range of possibilities which all add to the excitement finding the one that suits you best might well make the difference and help you stay profitable.