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Sports Gambling: A Guide

For as long as sports have been played there have been people who have been betting on the outcome. Having a small bet on any sporting event, be it a horse race, football game or tennis match, adds to the interest with the added bonus of possibly making a small profit on the result. The vast majority of punters just want to pit their knowledge and expertise against that of the online sports gambling site and are more than happy to be proven correct in their choice as well as making a small amount of money. From a simple £1 bet on a horse to huge multi-bets involving ten or more results, there is a bet to appeal to everybody and it is best to stick to what you know if you want to consistently make your betting profitable.

Why is Online Sports Gambling So Popular?

Firstly it’s so quick and simple to find your preferred sporting event and place a bet. Anybody with a valid account with any of the hundreds of sports gambling websites can quickly place a bet and sometimes even watch the action unfold via live streaming. Having even a small wager on any event adds to the excitement and there is also the attractive proposition of making some money.

Can I Make Money Gambling on Sports?

Of course you can but don’t expect to get rich overnight. Winning small amounts on a consistent basis is far preferable than betting on unlikely outcomes at huge odds and hoping for the best. If football is your forte then stick with it and use your knowledge to your advantage.

But Don’t Most Gamblers Lose?

Sports gambling companies wouldn’t be in business for very long if all their customers kept winning regularly. Of course it is easier to lose than win but carefully selecting your bets rather than backing blindly will pay dividends over the course of time. Besides, sports gambling should be for fun first and foremost and making a profit is just a nice added bonus.

What Are the Best Sports To Gamble On?

Knowledge is king and you should use your expertise in a particular sport to work to your advantage. Concentrate on the sport or sports you know something about and resist the temptation to have a bet just for the sake of it.

How Much Does Sports Gambling Cost?

Betting on sports or anything else costs as little or as much as you want or can afford. Most sports gambling sites will require a minimum wager of £1 although there are some that will accept stakes of just a few pence. Unless you have a desire to become a high-roller and want to bet in hundreds or thousands of pounds, a few pounds in your account is all you need to have an enjoyable betting experience.


Sports gambling is not a way to get rich quick although there are those who actually make a living out of it. When venturing into the world of sports gambling for the first time it pays to keep the bets small and simple until you get a feel for what you are doing. Losing a few pounds here and there is not going to break the bank but be wary of chasing your losses by placing ridiculous amounts of money on some sport or event you know little or nothing about as this can be disastrous. Stick to what you know and have fun is the aim and any profit made is a nice addition to the whole sports gambling experience.