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Place Bets Online: A Guide

The days of the High Street bookmaker are not quite over but gambling online has virtually taken over in recent years and continues to grow in popularity. The ability to place bets online means that having a bet has never been but is it simpler? And how do you place bets online?

Can Anyone Place Bets Online?

Not quite anyone but almost! Legally a person must be eighteen or over to place a bet online but this law also applies to traditional betting shops. Once over eighteen all you need to place bets online is a valid and in-credit account with one of the many gambling websites.

How Do I Open an Online Betting Account?

Once you have decided which online betting website best suits your requirements, opening an account is usually a simple and straightforward process. Most gambling sites have multiple links for registering an account (after all they all want new customers) and it is simply a matter of clicking on one of these links and following the instructions. Basic personal information such as name and address will be required. To activate the account (i.e. to be able to place a bet online) you will also need to deposit some money into the account. There may be a minimum deposit required but this is often as little as a fiver. Once this is done, the new account is confirmed and usually up and running in a matter of minutes. You are now set to place bets online on any of the sports and events on offer once your stake money is covered by the funds in your account.

How Do I Place a Bet Online?

Placing bets online is simply a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Select the sport or event you require, pick the bet you want (team to win, horse to win, first goalscorer etc) and tick that box. Next is the amount you wish to bet (how little or how large will depend on the website’s terms and conditions). Enter the amount (£1, £5, £10 etc) and confirm the bet which will show up on your online betting slip. Then cross your fingers and hope your selection does the business!

What If I Don’t Have Enough Funds in My Account?

If there isn’t sufficient funds in your account to cover your bet the wager will not be accepted until you deposit enough money for the stake. At this point you can lower your stake, deposit additional funds or just forget the bet entirely.

How Do I Get Paid for Winning Bets?

Everything is done through your online account or wallet. Money to cover your bets is withdrawn from your wallet and, conversely, any winnings are paid into your account.

How Do I Make a Withdrawal?

Go to your account on the website (probably titled something like “My Account” or “Wallet” and request a payout or withdrawal and the amount you require. Any withdrawal you make will be paid back into where you make deposits from (e.g. debit or credit card) unless you have stipulated otherwise when setting up the account.


Learning to place bets online is simple and a great way to enjoy the gambling experience. All that is required is a funded account and a computer or smartphone. Now all that is required is a winner or two to make the experience even better!!!