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Most Popular Premier League Bets

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Most Popular Premier League Bets

Premier League is the most popular football league in the world and, as such, it naturally attracts attention in the betting circles. Additionally, sports betting is widely popular in the UK and obviously Premier League is the first thing in the eye of both big fish and recreational bettors.

Apart from well-known match outcome bets you get chance to place basically every weekend, Premier League is particularly attractive for its side bets which can be valid all up until the very last round. We will go through the most interesting bets and market.

Premier League Winner Bets

This is the most popular and common of the mentioned markets. It gives you a season-long interest and you simply get to pick your favourite for lifting the Premier League trophy come May. Premier League is particularly interesting when it comes to this specific market since there are five or six genuine title contenders each year before the season kicks off, unlike the case is in Spain, Germany, France or Italy where you have either one or two top favourites for the silverware.

Top Goalscorer Bets

This is also a very interesting one. There are too many top quality strikers in the Premier League which adds on the value of your favourite talisman to win the Golden Boot award at the end of the season. You will thus get high-value odds for all world-class players in the league and you get to enjoy your bet all up until the end of the season, much like the case is with the outright winner market.

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Premier League Relegation Odds

You thought it’s only about the big names? Well, you got it wrong since you get to place bets on teams from the bottom half as you can choose whether any of them would save the elite class status at the end of the season. Prior to the kick-off to the new campaign, you’ll usually get the lowest odds on newly-promoted sides to suffer an instant promotion, but these can vary from week to week basically depending on teams’ performances.

You are not satisfied with the odds offered for a particular team to get relegated even though you are certain they are the weakest side in the league? Have no worries because you can back that team to finish rock-bottom and get somewhat higher odds instead of backing it to finish in the bottom three and suffer relegation.

Premier League Top 4 / Top 6 / Top Half Finish

This is an attractive market for mid-table teams you believe can leave a strong impact in the season. They’ll hardly go all the way and lift the trophy, they are quite expected to lose the Premier League status either, but you can back them to finish inside the top four, top six or even top half, depending on your preferences.

Premier League Top London / Top Midlands / Top North West Club

We all love local rivalries and bookies give us chance to add on the excitement and place a bet on a top team from London, or top team from Midlands, or North West. The team to finish highest out of teams from a specific region of the country can earn you some extra cash if you decide to use this specific market.

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