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How to Bet and Gamble Safely

safelyHow to Bet and Gamble Safely

Betting as well as gambling, in general, has become a global phenomenon with its online outburst back in the day. With the ease of accessibility and use, it has spread like never before among aficionados, as we’ve stopped even thinking about investment, system and safety in general.

While it’s understandable there’s no need for excruciating details for the end-user, it’s now as important as ever to stay safe and the only way to actually stay safe is to learn, educate, and implement the things we already know. Let’s wait no longer and go through what’s important to consider if you’re taking up gaming, betting and/or gambling.

safetyGambling Licences and Laws in the UK

Gambling is strictly regulated in most parts of the World and the United Kingdom is no different. The UK Gambling Commission regulated organised gambling and monitors companies offering such services, safeguarding the market and the users in a legal way.

While it’s rather easy to list the companies regulated by the body as well as see if your preferred bookmaker is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, it’s very important to note that many bettors still make their way to unregulated market. Licenced firms offer more security, though, and are featured mainly because they go through rigorous checks leaving your mind at ease when it comes to your money.

The Gambling Act of 2005 has put under control all types of gambling under one governing body, including online gambling, and its 2014 update has made the regulation more clear when it comes to remote operators, providing further clarity, consistency and ultimately fund safety.

Advertising Standards and Guidelines

Advertising Standards have also changed over the years and have become more family-friendly in that matter. While gambling companies can advertise across all media, there are restrictions regarding socially acceptable advertising with a prime focus on attracting underage customers.

Interestingly, companies are now also banned from connecting gambling to sexuality, describing gamblers as more attractive, or as a way to financial success. Ultimately, these all these guidelines are pointed towards banning misleading customers and creating a fair market for all.

Running Into Problems with Bookies

You can gamble and bet for years without encountering a problem with bookies but it’s always important to know how to act if issues arise. Firstly, all bookmakers have their standard procedures of solving user issues through Customer Support.

When contacting CS, you’ll have to be very detailed and offer as much insight as possible. This includes bet reference numbers, time references or stamps, and screenshots where possible. We always prefer e-mail communication, as it provides a more professional approach with a clear log on the issue history.

If this leads to a dead end, it probably means you’ll have to pursue a solution elsewhere. Independent Betting Adjudication Service, also known as IBAS to many, is a service you can use in such cases. You can report your issue easily but it’s important to note that to contact IBAS and for them to act, you first have to try and resolve the issue directly with the bookmakers.

responsibly - How to Bet and Gamble SafelyResponsible Gambling

We’ve read dozens of texts and instructions on gambling responsibly but we can’t shake off the feeling it all comes down to having fun. To have fun you need to actually be in control and that’s where responsible gambling comes in hand.

Sensible gambling, when it comes to amounts of both money and time, is an essential part of the enjoyment betting provides and all prominent bookmakers will promote such an idea. Stick to it.

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18+, Please Gamble responsibly.