Football Live Streaming

If you like to have a bet on football games (and who doesn’t) it’s a nice bonus to be able to watch your wager unfold before your eyes and that’s what you get with football live streaming. Most of the major online sportsbook sites now offer this service and it is fast becoming an essential component in betting enjoyment. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about football live streaming and what it can bring to the online gambling experience.



What is Football Live Streaming?                                                                                 

Basically, live streaming is the term used when a football game is broadcast over the internet. In its infancy, live computer feeds were prone to breaking up or freezing entirely but with the advances in computer technology and the increase in buffering speeds this is no longer a problem. In fact, the video and audio quality of live streaming football matches on computers now rivals that of television but without those often annoying “experts” views.

What Are the Advantages of Football Live Streaming?

For starters you are not limited to just the games being shown on television. Although UK gambling websites cannot broadcast Premier League matches (due to TV rights) they can and do show games from a vast array of leagues and cup competitions throughout the world. Due to the different time zones this means that there is usually a game being streamed live from somewhere in the world from South America to Australia.

How Much Does Football Live Streaming Cost?

Nothing! It is not even necessary to have placed a bet on the game being viewed in order to enjoy the service. However, any live streaming event is for customers only so you will need to have a valid and in-credit account with the gambling website whose services you are using.


How Can I Access Live Streaming?

In order to access any websites live streaming service you must be a registered account holder with that company. Signing up is usually free although a deposit to the new account will probably be required. Once there is money in your account, football games and other sporting events can be watched for free by logging on and selecting the “in-play” or “live streaming” buttons on the home page.

Which Football Games Are Shown?

That depends entirely on the individual website. Not all gambling companies show the same matches so it may be a case of shopping around to find the one that appeals to you most. For UK based companies, Premier League matches are seldom, if ever, streamed live but there is still a broad range of games to choose from on any given day or night.

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Can I Place a Bet During a Live Game?

This is the main, if not only, reason that gambling websites offer live streaming services. No matter what game you are watching there will be a full range of betting options close at hand for you to select the next goal scorer, final score, red card shown and anything else you can think of.

Is Football Live Streaming Available on Mobile Phones?

That depends on the company that is providing the service and whether they offer streaming to mobile phones. Most of the major players have an app available to download for free but check first before committing to opening an account.


Nowadays the ability to watch sporting events live and have a bet at the same time is part and parcel of modern gambling websites. While it isn’t necessary it is a nice feature and adds a little extra spice to the occasion if you can watch your next goal scorer hit the back of the net in real time. There are still a number of gambling websites that do not provide football live streaming or a very limited amount but a decent live in-play service is definitely worth having as part of the package.

Step by Step Instructions To Watch Free Live Stream With Bet365

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2 – Click on Live Streaming > Football

3 – Enjoy the game!

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