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Cash Out Guide

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One of the most discussed things after the introduction of online betting is if we should use cash out option to gain profit on the long term. Of course, opinions are divided, and in this guide we are going to give you a couple of basic advices. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced bettor or newbie when it comes to online sports betting, as you are most probably aware what this option does. Making this decision can have a huge impact on your winnings but also make sure you are using the best service possible.

The best bookie to use for cash outs

Bet365 are without any doubt the best online bookie when it comes to different cash out options. Why is this important you may ask? They have been constantly improving in this segment and introducing a lot of different features explained above, which is not the case with other bookies. At the moment bet365 are offering normal cash out option, partial cash out, auto cash out and an option to EDIT your bets!

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cashoutBasic Guide

The easiest way to describe what is Cash Out option for sports betting is to give an example of football accumulator. Let’s say you placed 5-fold Premier League acca and the games are about to finish with maybe 15-20 minutes left to be played. Four of your picks are doing great; your teams are having big lead while one of the selections is struggling to score. If you are feeling the team is nowhere close to score a goal in that duel, bet365 will offer you a generous amount to cash out! For example of your initial bet returned 100GBP, this situation will probably allow you to cash in 20 or 30, depending on the situation!

Partial Cash Out

As the title suggests, this option offered by bet365 is allowing you to take a bit of your winnings out, while leaving the rest of the acca (or single bet) to run! You are basically setting a percentage of your wager, while the rest will stick with the initial bet. If we use the example from the previous paragraph, we can decide to take partial cash out of 10GBP, while letting the acca run and hope our team will score. If that happens, you will be paid at lower percentage.

Cash Out Or Hold?

It is almost impossible to give a correct answer to this question. Some bettors are surely using this option better than the others, but it all depends on the given situation. It is not a secret that all bookies introduced this option in order to cut the potential losses, but still it can be used profitably. Sometimes, following your own guts can be the best call, especially if you are watching the game live.

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