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Both Teams To Score Betting

bttsWhat Does BTTS Refer To?

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is a football betting market that has seen a massive rise in popularity in the last decade, particularly in the UK. There are several reasons for the expansion of such market and we are going to try and help you understand everything you should need to know in order to master it.

Why BTTS Over Other Markets?

The simplest of the answers to this question is the fact you are actually never down throughout 90 minutes of a football event. You might place a bet on the outcome of a particular match, but with your team losing 3-0 midway through the affair, your single/double/acca is pretty much dead. With BTTS market this is never the case as goals on both ends can come literally in the stoppage time which leaves you in the game all up until the final whistle.

So, it’s basically the thrill of being in the match throughout 90 minutes regardless of the happenings on the pitch what makes this market so enjoyable. Also, most of punters prefer much more when they cheer for goals and chances as they don’t have fear of their team conceding.

Best Strategy for BTTS Picks

Unlike the case is with the other markets, you actually don’t need to do a special research when placing BTTS bets. The best way to beat the bookies with this particular market is to bet on matches from leagues with the highest number of goals scored on average.

Perfect examples of such competitions are Dutch Eredivisie, Dutch Eerste Divisie, Norwegian leagues and English lower leagues. Things obviously change from year to year, but the mentioned competitions have been by far most consistent when it comes to producing goals in the last decade.

Now, you should just take a small look into teams which have been particularly easy to break down in the recent period in these leagues and if you have a perfect match (the clash between the two sides who have conceded way too many goals lately), backing goals at both ends is the way to go. Following these simple rules will bring the risk factor to the minimum as such simplicity is usually enough for a decent profit.

bttsFinding the Value from the BTTS Bets

The bookies are well aware of the leagues and teams which tend to produce loads in the final third and they usually offer lower odds for the BTTS picks in their matches. This is why you can from time to time move away from the basic strategy and try and catch the BTTS picks at the odds of 2.00 (1/1 or higher if the teams which usually play tight at the back shipped plenty of goals in their latest fixtures.

In that case the bookies will likely price the BTTS bet at the higher odds for their matches giving you the privilege to take advantage of it and grab the winning pick with sky-high odds.

To sum it all up, apart from being one of the most exciting markets out there, BTTS indeed allows you to stay profitable with low investments of both time and money.