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systeks - Betting SystemsMost of regular bettors must have heard of a wide range of distinct betting system or strategies in their gambling careers. As you all know, bookies or the house will always have the edge on players/bettors, but can we turn this around and gain advantage over them? People have been trying to find out numerous solutions in order to solve this mystery over the history and we are going to try and help you understand the most famous betting strategies that have been invented so far. Before going through the betting systems we suggest you take a look at the Best Betting Sites by visiting BestBettingSites.Online: they have a full guide on betting on sport and also complete review of all the best betting sites.

Martingale Betting System

Martingale has its origins in France back from 18th century. It is the most common of strategies used in the gambling world. It is actually quite a simple strategy which demands doubling your stakes after any losing bet all up until you actually win a bet. Its main use is connected to casino games, most commonly roulette (black v red or odd v even).

We’ll show you an example on how it can be utilized in sports betting:

You start with a £10 bet trying to catch evens odds (2.00 or 1/1). Your bet loses and then you go on to double the stakes to £20 trying to find the same odds. Let’s say this one also loses and you go on for the third with the stake of £40 which eventually wins you £80 (in case that it is a winning pick). So, you’ve invested the total of £70 (£10 + £20 + £40) to earn the profit of £10.

You can use it with singles or even in doubles or trebles (depending on your preferences).

D’Alembert Betting System

Much like Martingale, this strategy has its origins in France. It is named after the French physician and Mathematician Jean Baptiste D’Alembert. It is actually quite similar strategy to Martingale with slight accommodations which somewhat decrease the risks.

The principle is practically the same as you get to increase your stakes progressively chasing evens odds. However, instead of doubling your money with each new bet, you increase the stake for just one unit and decrease it by one unit once you run into a winning pick.

Here is the example:

Let’s say your unit is £10. You place a £10 bet on the event (or coupon) win evens odds. You lose the bet and you take stakes up to £20 (two units). However, the next step would be different to Martingale as you’d place a £30 (three units) bet instead of £40 (doubling the previous bet).

Practically, the winnings might be lower than you’d get with the Martingale system, but the risk is also significantly lower.

sys2 - Betting SystemsConsecutive Winners Strategy

This one is particularly interesting for recreational punters who would not like to risk more than let’s say £50. You can actually start off with any amount of money you prefer, but we’ll make it £50 for the purpose of showing the system on the example.

We go with the £50 bet and we chase 50 subsequent winners with the minimal odds (let’s take 1.10 (1/10) in the example. Do you believe you can hit 50 consecutive 1.10 (1/10) bets? If you can do it, you can turn the £50 bankroll into £5,869.

Obviously, it’s much harder to get there than it likely seems, but this is indeed a very interesting strategy which is worth trying at least for fun.

There are plenty of other sports betting system as well, but basically the best advise you can get is to mind your bankroll and get inside info on sports events you want to place a bet on. This is the best way to beat the bookies.