Best Online Sportsbook

It would be quite simple to list five of the top gambling websites and pronounce one of them the “Best Online Sportsbook” but it would be wrong to do so. The simple reason is that it would be a purely personal choice and not necessarily the “best” gambling site by any means. To put it simply, the best online sportsbook is (and will always be) a matter of personal taste and preference and usually based on personal experience. However, the best online sportsbooks will have a number of things in common and the following are things to look out for.

Can the Sportsbook Be Trusted?

The first question that needs to be answered must be is the website legitimate? Any reputable website will have its licensing information displayed prominently. It should be fully regulated and licensed in the jurisdiction in which it operates. If this cannot be verified and quickly, it would be wiser and safer to continue your search.

How Safe Are Your Personal Details?

This is related to the previous question. A reputable and legitimate sportsbook will store all your personal and financial details in encrypted format and usually on a different secure server. This information is also usually prominently displayed on the sportsbook’s website for customers’ peace of mind.

How Do the Sportsbook’s Odds Compare?

It may sound obvious but the quality of odds offered on a website is probably the most important consideration and the one that some people tend to overlook. Don’t be blinded or distracted by a glossy site and amazing introductory or free offers. The quality of odds on offer is what really counts if you take your sports betting seriously. Monitor potential sportsbooks for a period of time and see how well the odds offered stack up against competitors using one of the many online odds comparison sites.

Are Your Favourite Sports and Betting Markets Adequately Covered?

Getting the best odds available is one thing but of little use if the sportsbook in question doesn’t cover your favourite sports sufficiently or offers very few betting markets on a given sporting event. Spend some time visiting the prospective sportsbook to see exactly what is covered and to what extent and be sure you are happy with what’s on offer before registering a new account.

Do You Want Live Streaming of Events?

The fact that a sports gambling website provides a live streaming service doesn’t necessarily make it one of the best online sportsbooks but it certainly counts if you like to watch your bets unfold live in front of your eyes. Most of the biggest gambling sites now offer this service. However, some offer far more live events and a bigger range of sports than others. Depending on your particular sporting preferences this is something that is worth checking out.


There are numerous factors that go into making any gambling website the best online sportsbook and most are a matter of personal preference. Legitimacy, variety and the quality of odds offered are probably the key components but other factors need to be considered and knowing exactly what you require makes you the best judge of which one is the best online sportsbook.

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