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Best Online Sports Gambling Sites: A Guide

Most, if not all, online sports gambling sites will claim to be the best but there cannot be one clear best site for everybody as it all depends on what you are looking for. While one site could have a clear advantage in terms of football and the markets on offer it could be weak for other sports. The best online sports gambling sites are the ones that work best for you and offer decent markets and odds.

What Should I Look For in a Sports Gambling Site?

Odds are king and spending time on a comparative search for the site that regularly offers the best odds is well worth while. This can be done using one of the many odds comparison sites on the internet. No single gambling site will offer the best odds all of the time but it is fairly easy to spot those that regularly have the better prices.

What About Special Offers?

It is always nice to receive free bets, cash or a deposit bonus when registering a new account with an online sports gambling site. However, don’t be blinded by seemingly amazing introductory offers and incentives. Sometimes these deals are so complicated to use that they are more trouble than they are worth and almost impossible to make money from. Read any terms and conditions carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Is the Range of Bets Available Important?

After the odds the site offers, the range of bets available on the various sports is the most important factor to consider. Some sports gambling sites are betting exchanges rather than traditional bookmakers. If betting against the company and other users is for you then a betting exchange is the way to go but the markets on individual sporting events are generally far more limited than those found on a traditional bookmaker’s website.

Should an Online Sports Gambling Site Offer In-Play Betting?

This is really a matter of personal preference. Most of the bigger and better-known sites already offer this facility but it is something to check if you enjoy having a bet in running. There is also the added bonus of being able to watch your bet unfold live on screen for added betting enjoyment.

Should the Site Have a Tipster Service?

This is a nice feature to have and particularly for horse racing. A lot of the big online sports gambling sites have this service and it can only help in making your final selections for a race if you can pick up some useful information. Of course, the experts cannot and do not get it right every time but there is usually some good info and tips to be had.


No site can claim to be the best online sports gambling site and it could well be that you will need accounts with several in order to get the best value at all times. For those new to online gambling it is probably best to stick with the well-established websites to begin with. With experience and some research you will soon find other companies that will prove to be the best online sports gambling sites for your personal requirements.