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Best Online Betting Sites: A Guide

Picking the best online site from a choice of dozens is an impossible task as every individual’s tastes are different and what works for one might not be the best choice for someone else. However, there are several characteristics that the best sites should have to make them both attractive to the user and competitive in the marketplace and there are a few questions that need answering.

Is a Good Sign-Up Bonus Important?

Most (if not all) online betting sites will offer a Sign-Up Bonus to new clients in one form or another. These are nice incentives to register a new account but shouldn’t be the sole reason for doing so. Getting a free bet or a cash match against your deposited amount is nice and not to be sniffed at but the reliability and honesty of the site is far more important as are the quality and range of markets and bets on offer.

How Do the Prices Compare?

This is, or should be, the biggest consideration when looking for the best online sites. A well-laid out and attractive website may be visually appealing but it’s the actual odds that are on offer that really matter. If a site continually offers shorter odds than are available elsewhere, it might be time to consider moving your account to a site that will give you better value for money. Checking with one of the odds comparison websites is a good way to gauge how a company’s odds measures up against the competition.

What Special Bets or Offers are Available?

Most of the bigger betting companies have a host of special bets and offers in order to keep customers happy and gain an edge over the competition. Any little advantage you can gain is worth adding to your armoury as even small free bets or a money back offer can turn into a small profit. Check what is on offer and whether it appeals to you but, as with a sign-up bonus, this should not be the sole reason for registering with an online betting site.

Is There a Reliable Tipping Service?

It is always nice to read a brief preview of any sporting event before placing a bet and a good tipping service can be very helpful in making a final decision. This is particularly true for horse racing and a good tipping service is a nice feature on some of the better online betting sites.

What Range of Bets is Available?

Everybody bets in different ways and for different amounts of money. The best online betting sites will be able to accommodate a full range of bets for most sports from a single to huge multiples and any market you can think of in other sports. Be sure that your favourite sports and markets are available before signing with a company as some are more limited than others in what they offer.

Does the Site Have In-Play Betting and Live Streaming?

It may seem improbable but there are still gambling sites that don’t carry live in-play betting or the capacity to watch games or sports live. This can be very off-putting to those of us who like to see our horses run or our team emerge victorious with our money on them. If watching your bets unfold live is important to you then be sure your chosen online site has live streaming and betting available.


A visually pleasing site that is easy to navigate is always a bonus but the biggest factors in selecting the best online betting sites have to be the range of sports and markets available as well as the quality of the odds on offer. At the end of the day, everybody registers with an online betting site to hopefully make a small profit and not to enjoy the scenery!