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Asian Handicap Betting

asian handicapThe world of betting is becoming more and more popular and the number of professional tipsters is in constant rise. This is why people have started to use additional betting markets to try and gain the advantage over the bookies as well as to add more excitement to their betting coupons.

You will thus frequently see the Asian Handicap Reference on your most favourite betting sites. You might not be fully familiar with what all these lines mean? Have no worries because we will help you learn everything you should need to know in order to master this betting market.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is betting market which originated on the early 21st century in Indonesia. Its main purpose is to eliminate the draw outcome and leave you to choose between two possible options. This is why it is mainly used for football betting (though it can be used in other sports as well) and we are going to use football examples to best meet you with the meaning of each particular line.

As you know, there are three possible outcomes in football matches, but when you place a bet on the Asian Handicap (or Spread Betting) market, you have two scenarios. Here are the examples:

Asian Handicap 0:0

Real Madrid v Barcelona AH 0

This is a classic draw no bet option. No team is given the advantage and you get to pick either the home win or the away win as outcomes. In case of a draw, your stake will be refunded by the bookmaker.

Asian Handicap 0.25

Real Madrid v Barcelona AH -0.25

This one is a bit more complicated. Basically, the visitors have a quarter of a goal advantage before the kick-off. What does it mean?

Let’s assume that we have backed Real Madrid to win with the -0.25 AH. If Los Blancos pick up any victory, they beat this handicap and the pick is winning.

If the match ends in a draw, you will lose half of your stake (50%), while the other half will be refunded to your account (50%).

If Barcelona wins, your bet is lost.

Now let’s take the opposite example and pretend that you have put your money on Barcelona + 0.25 AH.

In this instance, you will hope that Barcelona will win the game to have your pick winning entirely.

If a draw happens, you will win what you’d get with half of your stake (half of your stake multiply the odds), while the other half will be refunded to your account.

In case of Real’s victory, you’d lose your money.

asian 2 - Asian Handicap BettingAsian handicap 0.5

Real Madrid v Barcelona -0.5 AH

This one is much simpler and it is practically equal to the double chance betting. If you back Real Madrid -0.5 AH, you need Los Blancos to win or else you’d lose your bet.

The alternative scenario would be backing Barcelona +0.5 handicap meaning that you need Barca to hold on to a draw or win in order to have your betting pick winning.

Asian Handicap -0.75

Real Madrid v Barcelona -0.75 AH

This one is quite similar to the -0.25 one. Here Barcelona have three quarters of a goal advantage. Assuming you backed Real Madrid -0.75 AH, to get full winnings, you’d need Real Madrid to win by two or more goals.

Should Real Madrid win by one goal, you’d get half of your stake back and win the other half at the regular odds.

Any other scenario makes your bet lost.

If you backed Barcelona +0.75 AH, you need Blaugrana to draw or win to get full winnings.

If Barcelona loses by a single goal margin, you would lose half of your stake and have the other half refunded to your account. Real’s win by two or more goals makes your pick lost.

Asian Handicap -1.0

Real Madrid v Barcelona -1.0 AH

Finally, this one is also simple as you practically need Real Madrid to win by two or more goals to get your pick winning.

If Real wins by a single goal, your entire stake will be refunded and the bet will be void.

Any other scenario makes your bet losing.

As you can see, there is a host of options involved with the Asian Handicap Market and it is indeed a super useful took to bring your betting experience to a whole new level.