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The term accumulator bonus has to be a familiar one even if you are not among the most experienced punters out there. We live in the time of the huge online betting expansion and the industry simply demands the bookies to try anything they can in order to beat their competitors and attract both new and existing customers.

This is why most of the online betting sites will offer all sorts of bonuses, including the one we’re going to discuss a bit further in this particular piece.

Accumulator Insurance and Accumulator Bonus: What is the Difference?

Distinguishing these two terms will make just a perfect start. We do not want you to get confused with the term accumulator insurance which is by no means a synonym for the accumulator bonus.

Insurance, predictably enough, basically keeps you safe in case of a failure. It is normally paid if your multiple-fold acca has been let down by a single leg. It is important to note that in such instance your betting account normally gets funded with a free-bet, not real cash. The amount is usually equal to your stake with a reasonable cap (up to specific amount) varying from one bookie to another.

Accumulator bonus has an entirely different purpose. It won’t help you in case of a fall, but it will rather increase your winnings if each of your selections lands. For example, you’ve placed a four-fold acca with the total odds of 19/1 and you get a 10% bonus. If all of your bets “come in”, you won’t just receive £200 for the £10 stake, but it will rather be £220 as your winnings will be enlarged by 10%.

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More Folds = Higher Bonus

This should be self-explanatory. Most bookies have the same principle in regards to the accumulator bonus. The more bets you place in your slips, the higher percentage of bonus you’ll get. This is reasonable enough since each new bet increases the chances of your acca to be losing, but it at the same time promises more money in case of a potential winner.

How to Use the Bonus Money?

You should pay special attention to this particular segment. The key factor with all bonuses, including the one that’s subject of this article, is to be well aware of the terms and conditions.

You want to know in what form the bonus money will be, when and how it will be added to your account, what you need to do in order to withdraw it and how much time you have to meet the given criteria.

As we mentioned above, the accumulator insurance will usually refund your stake in the form of free bets. This means that you actually don’t have any access to the real money, but you just get the chance to place a new slip (which does not necessarily has to be in the form of an accumulator) and the potential winnings you earn from the free bet can then be withdrawn.


The situation is somewhat different with accumulator bonuses as most bookmakers will give you the real money instead of the free bet. The difference between the competitors is actually in the above mentioned terms and conditions which make one particular bonus better than the other.

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