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You’re surely seen various appealing Acca insurance offers by now and these have been attracting bettors for years. It’s a great treat but you still don’t know what exactly it all means? Fret no more and let’s take the matter one step at a time.

What Is An Accumulator?

Accumulator, usually mentioned as just acca, is a bet where you predict outcomes of numerous events on a single slip at the same time. While this obviously means you take the higher risk (i.e. the probability of you guessing all the right outcomes is less), you also get a resulting higher odds with a bigger payout than you’d get if you had placed single bets.

Every event you choose is referred to as a Fold, which is then counted towards the final odds. For example, if you choose five events in an acca, all of these generate a payout of what’s called a five-fold accumulator.

What Is Acca Insurance?

For all the obvious reasons, accumulators are very popular among sports bettors who enjoy putting smaller stakes for a chance to win more money through a number of events chosen. With bookies recognising the vast potential of such bets, we are offered insurance against the accumulator going wrong – whether it’s a free bet equal to your stake or real cash – if you miss one of the predictions.

This soon became widely popular with bookies and bettors who have a strong opinion on the matches they’re betting on but there are actually many things you should consider before taking up Acca insurance.

acca insuranceWhat to consider?

First of all, it’s very important to read through the regulation and actual terms of the offer. The offers are often restricted by many common conditions. For example, in a five-fold acca insurance, you’ll have to make sure you choose enough events to qualify for the offer (in this case five) before putting in money you want back in case of a failure.

Bookies often tend to require a minimum amount of money as an initial investment you need to make, as well as the minimum odds required to qualify. If you bet on banker material, you are less likely to be reimbursed while longshots are ready-made products for acca insurance offers. These are often defined like “minimum stake £10” or “minimum odds of 1/2″ required to enrol.

Furthermore, it’s important to take note if the offer is Real cash back or just free bet tokens you can use later on, where you’d obviously be more motivated to take up cash offers. Other restrictions include betting on a single sport or mixing different events, expiration time limits and many more.

accaHow to best use the Acca Insurance and Money back offers?

It’s best to use Acca Insurance and other Money back offers in cases where you’re very certain of outcome to most of the events you’re betting on. For example, we always suggest using the insurance offers if you’re unsure of just a single event you are taking up in a five-fold acca, when fulfilling all other requirements.

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